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Attention Kmart Shoppers

Posted by One Tired Mama on July 28, 2007

We got a check from Gramma in the mail to help us buy school clothes and so each kid could buy a new toy.  I really dreaded the idea of taking them both shopping and put it off as long as I could.  However, when I had to wait several hours to have my SUV serviced, it was the perfect time.  Shopping in the mall with two kids sure beats trying to entertain them in a service station waiting room.

We had the courtesy shuttle drop us off.  It was still too early for the shops to be open so we headed to the Kmart at the other end.  I picked up a few necessities that I needed and then we headed over to the toy aisles.  I can still hear the “I want”s ringing in my ears!  We took a good look around at all the junk and I decided that we should keep looking through the store to see what else there was to choose from and then come back if we didn’t find anything else. 

Princess and I started looking at the CD players and child digital cameras in the electronics department.  Fast Boy went immediately to the Game Cube display and started playing the demo video games.  I knew then and there that we were headed for trouble.  (Self-defeating prophecy?)  See, I know that Fast Boy has a big problem detaching himself from video games.  I’ve seen it too many times before.  Which is why his Game Boy had to take a vacation and go stay with someone else for awhile.  Preparing myself and the store clerk for what was about to happen, I discussed my son’s issues with video games.  His school had actually recommended finding educational, skill-building games for his Game Boy so I inquired.  I was surprised to find out that they do exist, but not so surprised to find out that they didn’t have any in stock.

I used my very best parenting skills and patience, prompted Fast Boy to finish what he was doing because it was time to move along and waited.    After a few minutes of talking to the clerk, I prompted again.  I could see his tension increase.  I tried to negotiate.  Nothing.  So I warned the clerk to block her ears, told Fast Boy that Princess and I were moving on and that he needed to come with us.  The second I took one step, out came the scream!  I’m sure everyone on the other side of the mall heard it. 

He stopped playing the game and followed Princess and I through the store toward the checkout, screaming and crying loudly all the way that I was “mean” and “not fair” and that he hates me.  Then he decided that he wasn’t getting enough of a reaction and took off.   

Usually, he is within sight when he runs away.  I periodically see him peeking from around a corner to make sure I’m still there.  Not this time.  I waited at the checkout for what seemed like forever to see a glimpse of him.  Finally, the electronics clerk returned him to me.  He was quiet for a few minutes, but started yelling and crying again while the cashier was bagging my stuff. 

So much for all the clothes shopping and going back for a toy….

Fast Boy crouched in the mall doorway in fetal position until the shuttle returned to pick us up.

When we got back home, I had him call Gramma and explain to her what happened and why we didn’t get to purchase what she sent the money for.  His story was that I didn’t let him play the game and I made him cry.  He left out the rage and running away part.  Sometimes I wonder if he even remembers doing it. 


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