Life with Fast Boy

The Challenges of Raising Our ADHD Son


Fast Boy is an ten year old boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Impulsivity.   He can be a very smart, sweet, adorable little boy when he is not bored or irritated.  He plays soccer, is obsessed with his Nintendo DS and likes to read anything he can get his hands on.

One Tired Mama is Fast Boy’s mother.  This blog is mostly written from her perspective as a way to share stories and vent frustrations.   She is now a full-time working mom who spends way too much time on her PC.  She has a history of depression.

The Boss Man is Fast Boy’s father.  He is currently playing Mr. Mom.   He also has ADHD.

Princess is Fast Boy’s seven year old sister.  She is a precious happy child who enjoys dancing, singing and pretty much… everything.  However, like most seven year old girls, the name “Princess” really fits. 

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