Life with Fast Boy

The Challenges of Raising Our ADHD Son

Life Adjacent to Fast Boy

Posted by One Tired Mama on May 4, 2010

I logged into my WordPress account this morning for the first time in a while (obviously). I found that after my ISP changed my email address, I forgot to update it here. I had comments here that I wasn’t aware of.

Including this one:

I thought for a moment about not approving it, but then I realized there was no real good reason why I shouldn’t. Mike is just as entitled to his opinion as I am. Another thing… Mike is right! Now before anybody goes jumping down my throat on the other spectrum, let me clarify that I think in many situations, Mike is mostly right, in my case.

Where Mike is wrong is that he didn’t give me enough credit about what I have and haven’t done. This is a blog afterall. I write to it periodically when I am stressed and need to vent. This is part of my therapy and it also helps other parents not feel so alone. BUT it can not possibly tell the whole story. I don’t have time to blog about every aspect of my life from when my parents messed me up through how I’ve messed up my own kids. (Actually, I have another blog for MY personal issues.)

Mike, if you’re reading, I apologize on behalf of whoever treated you unfairly and for those of who have treated our children unfairly. Let me tell you that I have spent a massive amount of time working on my issues and my family issues and the proper way to communicate with Fast Boy. I have a therapist of my own who I see regularly. (And yes, she blames MY parents as well.) I take medication for my needs and hate every single pill I have to take and hate even more that I have to give anything at all to my son. (Did you read that post?) Trust me when I tell you that I am aware of my short-comings as a parent. Whenever I discuss my son with anyone, I take accountability first and put my issues and the family issues out on the table before we EVER accuse Fast Boy of being the problem. I am a work in progress and I do my best.

I could go on, but this blog is not about my issues. It’s about experiences I’ve had with Fast Boy. Period.

And I didn’t post this because I felt the need to defend myself. I posted it because I actually do agree with Mike on many levels. There are parents who pop their kids on meds and blame life’s problems on a “disorder” without trying to fix the underlying problems. I am NOT one of those parents. I have faced those demons and I am as comfortable with my choices as I’m ever going to be.

I love my son.  And he loves me.  And every day it gets better.


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  1. Super awesome read! Really.

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