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School and ADHD Medication Update

Posted by One Tired Mama on October 21, 2007

School has been in session for a while now and the Concerta that we put Fast Boy on is obviously helping.  Between those two things, I haven’t felt the need to post here as often.  (Thank goodness!) 

Fast Boy’s behavior at school has definitely improved.  It’s still a far cry from what I or his teachers would consider “normal” eight year old behavior, but I have to be grateful for any positive changes.  His reports from school have gone from many “reds” down to a few “yellows” and mostly “greens”.  So far this year, there has been some pushing and biting, but no hitting people across the face with sticks or sending them to the doctor for potential broken noses.  There has been some speaking out of turn in class and some running in the hallways, but no flat-out disobedience or rages in the classroom.   Gee… While I’m typing this, it almost does sound like normal eight year old boy behavior.  😉

My concerns about medication side effects are still there though.  He appears to be sleeping okay for now, but it is obvious that his appetite and weight have decreased.  I haven’t noticed any other changes. 

I guess all is okay.

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