Life with Fast Boy

The Challenges of Raising Our ADHD Son

Incessant Behavior

Posted by One Tired Mama on July 17, 2007

It’s not that Fast Boy and Princess have been doing anything particularly terrible over the past few days. I have learned to choose my battles. However, this incessant behavior of running back and forth, in and out, screaming, asking for things, and poking at each other is making me want to tie them up with duct tape and throw them in a closet!

in·ces·sant  – adjective – continuing without interruptions; unending; ceaseless, constant, continual, continuous, endless, eternal, everlasting, interminable, interminate, monotonous, non-stop, perpetual, persistent, relentless, timeless, unbroken, unceasing, unending, unrelenting, unremitting…

I think you get the picture.

I guess I’ll take them to the park now so they can burn off some more energy…


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